Pro Alpin standard

Pro-Alpin standard.
Review by the professionals.

Pro Alpin Standard. Revision durch den Profi.

Used, expertly revisionised ropeway systems will be examinated on a non-destructive examnination by a state-authorized research institute.

Scope of overhaul
Steel parts are sandblasted, painted, cold - or hot galvanized constructions components and welds are subjected to a magnetic particle inspection and/ or ultrasound examination.

Scope of inspection
(according to current European standards)

  • Clamps 
    100% magnetic particle inspection 

  • Bolts and shafts
    100% magnetic particle inspection
    Suitable diameters 100% ultrasound testing

  • Hangers
    100% magnetic particle inspection
    10% ultrasound testing – wall thickness measurement

  • Construction components
    10% magnetic particle inspection

  • Wheel
    10% magnetic particle inspection
    full penetrations welds: 10% ultrasound testing

  • Gearbox
    visual examination - teeth flanks (where accessible)
    axis by ultrasound examination 

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